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Our Creative Industries Growth Connection

An economic revolution is underway, and Ontario’s economy is relying more on its creative capital: services, information, technology and intellectual property. Businesses specific to these ‘creative’ industries are delivering considerable value to communities and regions across the Province in economic, artistic and social terms, while integrating digital and emerging technology to produce content related to entertainment and design.

Creative industries of all kinds are among the fastest growing economic sectors in many cities today. Quality of place and lifestyle options are a competitive advantage for many of Ontario’s cities, and responsible for much of the success in attracting and retaining these creative workers and entrepreneurs. Communities with unique histories, and distinctive natural and cultural heritage features are becoming magnets for creative people. The result has been the steady growth of creative industries in small urban and rural locations across the Province, including Orangeville.

Creative Industries in Orangeville

Our business, cultural and political leaders recognize the compelling message of the creative economy movement – that economic development must include investment in creative industries, and a creative workforce and community life that is rich not only in creativity, but cultural heritage as well. A variety of public art initiatives have added to our community’s unique sense of place.

Anchored by the renovation of the historic Opera House, now home to Theatre Orangeville, the Town has completed a major beautification program in its downtown to ensure that it retains its historic character. The result is a vibrant downtown that has attracted a wide variety of specialty retailers, fine dining establishments, business and office operations, as well as professional entertainment.

With its proximity to the GTA, the trend of urban out-migration to exurban regions, quality of life experience, and telecommunication infrastructure, the creative economy in Orangeville and area is flourishing. The region’s creative industries currently employ 635 people and comprises a broad base of businesses including engineering and architecture services, computer system design, publishing, sound recording and motion picture and video production, graphic design, advertising, computer design and interior design.

Creative Industries: Town of Orangeville & County of Dufferin, 2006

  Orangeville County of Dufferin
Architectural, engineering and related services 155 180
Motion pictures and sound recording industries 85 115
Computer systems design and related services 50 90
Advertising and related services 40 60
Telecommunications 40 45
Publishing industries (except Internet) 40 45
Other information services 35 40
Internet service providers, web search portals and data processing services 15 15
Specialized design services 10 35

(Source: REDDI, 2006)