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Our Manufacturing Growth Connection

Ontario is Canada’s leader in the production of global exported goods, and is part of North America’s manufacturing heartland, serving major Canadian and U.S. markets. The Province’s dynamic manufacturing base includes a broad range of consumer and industrial products and comprises the most innovative sectors of the Ontario economy. This is further supported by some of the most generous Research and Development incentives for manufacturers in the world. The strength of the Province’s manufacturing base is reflected in its contribution to Ontario’s GDP at $77.6 million, second only to the Province’s Financial Services sector.

“The proximity to our clients and markets afforded by the Town was a major reason for selecting the community.” Connie Fraser, Plant Manager for Sanoh Canada

Manufacturing in Orangeville

Proximity to the Greater Toronto Area, 400 series highways and Lester B. Pearson International Airport has enabled the Town of Orangeville to capitalize on the concentration of manufacturing activity that has located and invested in the region. Together with a well-educated and highly motivated population and a competitive cost environment, the town has attracted a drivers range of multinational corporation, as well as small and medium-sized operations serving both national and international markets.

The Dufferin County Manufacturers Association provides an informed and open communication channel between members of the industrial community and various levels of government. With a growing local workforce of more than 2,980 people in 54 local business operations, manufacturing continues to play a significant role in the economic growth and prosperity of the Town and the Dufferin County region.

Orangeville’s local, regional and international connections have enable its entrepreneurs to successfully build and grow businesses serving worldwide markets, while enabling an extremely attractive lifestyle for their founders, management and staff.

Orangeville Dufferin County
Transportation equipment manufacturing 800 1620
Plastics and rubber products manufacturing 455 690
Fabricated metal product manufacturing 325 520
Printing and related support activities 190 295
Machinery manufacturing 170 335
Food manufacturing 150 220
Chemical manufacturing 100 240
Primary metal manufacturing 95 220
Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing 90 260
Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing 90 165
Miscellaneous manufacturing 75 150
Furniture and related product manufacturing 70 140
Computer and electric product manufacturing 65 140
Wood product manufacturing 55 160
Paper manufacturing 50 120
Electrical equipment, appliance 40 90
Other 70 140

(Source: REDDI, 2006)