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New Business and Development Activity

New Businesses

A list of new businesses registered/established within the Town of Orangeville is created regularly a result of input from a number of Town departments, including Economic Development/Small Business Enterprise Centre, Administration, Clerk’s Office, Planning, and Building/By-law.

Staff endeavour to provide a comprehensive and inclusive listing. However, our ability to include all businesses starting in Orangeville will be affected by the following limitations:

– Business registrations are completed via the Internet and the Town does not have access to these registrations unless performed within the Economic Development/SBEC Resource Centre

– Sole proprietors operating under their own legal names only are not required to register their businesses

– A large number of home-based proprietorships are established each year, with many of them offering very specific services to targeted markets. As a result of the volume of these operations, and for the convenience of Council, staff provides numbers of home-based operations started in Town, based on the information available to staff, as opposed to providing in-depth information about them.

– These reports are available in accessible format upon request.

New Business Reports:

Construction Activity Reports

Monthly reports for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building activity in the Town of Orangeville continue to demonstrate the broad interest in local economic development.

Current Development Applications: