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Emergency and Protective Services

For emergency situations in Orangeville and Dufferin County that require Fire, Police and/or Ambulance services, call 9 1 1.

Orangeville Police Services

Orangeville Police Services employs a full police force committed to ensuring a safe, secure and enjoyable environment in which to live and work.  Using the Internet, media, public displays, and crime prevention workshops, Orangeville Police Services works to provide the community with knowledge and information that will protect individuals from falling victim to criminal acts of vandalism, theft or violence.

Orangeville Fire Department

The Orangeville Fire Department strives to protect life, property and the environment in Orangeville and surrounding areas from all perils through education, prevention, investigation, training, rescue, fire suppression, and pre-hospital care support services. They respond to over 1400 calls annually consisting of fire, motor vehicle accidents and medical responses.

Dufferin County Land Ambulance Services

Orangeville is serviced by Dufferin County Land Ambulance Services. The County of Dufferin uses eight fully equipped ambulances and one EFR (Emergency First Response Unit) and provides Defibrillation, Symptom Relief and I.V. Therapy on all vehicles as well as Advanced Care Paramedics on selected vehicles.  More than 70% of their full-time Paramedics  are currently certified at the Advanced Care level.

Emergency Management and Preparedness

Every municipality is vulnerable to the threat of emergencies. In Orangeville, potential emergencies include tornadoes, floods, winter storms and major transportation accidents. Through proper planning and preparedness, it is possible to minimize the impact that these emergencies could have on our community.

The Town of Orangeville has worked with Dufferin County and member municipalities to create an Emergency Management Program which includes hazard-specific and evacuation plans, training programs, emergency exercises as well as public education and awareness. The program includes the Dufferin County Emergency Response Plan which is implemented if an emergency situation has been declared.