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Print Publications

The Banner, a bi-weekly publication and The Orangeville Citizen, a weekly publication are the Town’s two newspapers. The monthly publication SNAP Dufferin and the quarterly¬†magazine Orangeville Living are both regional publications serving our community.¬†In addition, Orangeville receives all the daily newspapers and magazines from Toronto.


Stations from all major southern Ontario centres and upper New York State are readily available. Cable service is provided by Rogers Cable, while antennas and satellite equipment can be obtained from a variety of local dealers.


All types of high-speed lines are available within the Town of Orangeville, including fibre optics, TLS, cable, ISDN, T1, T3, Megalink, DSL, ADSL, and SDSL to meet your business computing needs.


Orangeville receives radio signal from all major stations transmitting from Toronto and the surrounding area.