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Connected to the World

Proximity to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada’s largest metropolitan area of more than 5.6 million people, equips businesses in Orangeville with a host of benefits. Located at the north-west edge of the GRA, where provincial Highways 9 & 10 intersect, Orangeville is less than an hour’s drive (approximately 80 kilometres) from Toronto, and within a day’s drive or a short flight to a market of 135 million people.

At the heart of Dufferin County’s economic growth, Orangeville is a hub for businesses and industry and only 30 minutes from Ontario’s major 400 series highways. Access to a regional trade area of approximately 90,000 people and an accessible and highly skilled workforce, Orangeville puts businesses and industries within easy reach of one of the world’s largest consumer and industrial markets.

Centrally Located with Short Driving Times from Orangeville

To Brampton 38 km 34 minutes

To Alliston 42 km 33 minutes

To Kitchener 77 km 1 hr, 19 min

To Toronto 84 km 1 hr, 8 min

To Buffalo, New York 199 km 2 hr, 15 min

To Detroit, Michigan 354 km 4 hr, 18 min

To Ottawa 518 km 5 hr, 30 min

To New York City, New York 809 km 8 hr, 40 min

(Source: Google Maps, 2008)

Air connections to Canadian and international destinations are only 45 minutes away, via Canada’s largest airport, Lester B. Pearson International Airport. The Waterloo Regional Airport, a non-hub primary commercial airport offering commercial, corporate and general aviation services is only an hour’s drive and the Brampton Flying Club is just 15 minutes from Town.

Full rail service via the Orangeville-Brampton Railway connects industries in Orangeville with the CPR mainline in Mississauga providing a reliable link to all major Can-Am corridors.

A southern bypass route connects highway 10 with County Rd. 109 and ensures fast and efficient transportation access to the Orangeville Business Park. Orangeville connects commuters to Brampton and downtown Toronto with GO Transit’s bus service. Orangeville Transit provides local bus service to the Orangeville Business Park and throughout Town.