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Connecting the Future

Business and Industry’s Regional Connection

The Town of Orangeville has a strong and varied industrial base, including plastics, automotive and food-related industries. Our local manufacturers produce a wide range of products, including auto-mobile seats, fasteners for the aerospace industry, computer cables and plastic hoses.

More than 21 businesses employing over 100 employees currently operate in the Orangeville area. Major employers include globally-connected business and industry operations as well as government service agencies.

Our community is attractive to a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial operations. Orangeville’s position as a thriving regional hub for commercial and service activity has attracted major retailers including Home Depot, Winners, Wal-Mart, and Canadian Tire, among others.

Investment Across All Sectors

Building activity in Orangeville is increasing, demonstrating the broad interest in local development. Building permit activity in 2008 is up compared to 2007 and 2006, with almost $21 million in residential construction, and a further @12 million in commercial, industrial and institutional building construction.

Orangeville Business Park

Business and industrial operations in the area are housed in the fully-serviced Orangeville Business Park located in the southwest portion of our community, with easy access to Highway 10 and the GTA. In response to the growing demand for industrial property in the region, the Town has designated additional land in the Veterans Way community for employment uses.

In addition to available employment land, the Town also has a range of available commercial and industrial buildings that provide businesses with a variety of options when relocating to Orangeville.

Labour Force by Occupation

Orangeville County of Dufferin

Management occupations 1,470 3,250

Business, finance and administration2,245 4,885

Natural and applied sciences 675 1,330

Health occupations620 1,290

Occupations in social science1,105 2,130

Occupations in art, culture and recreation 270 705

Sales and service occupations 4,135 7,415

Trades, transport and equipment 2,785 6,005

Occupations unique to primary industry240 1,205

Occupations unique to processing 1,520 2,705

(Source: Stats Canada, 2006)

Expanding Post-Secondary Opportunities

Residents wishing to advance their education have post-secondary opportunities in the community or access to a range of institutions within a short commuting distance. Nine of the country’s finest universities are in close proximity to Orangeville, including the University of Toronto, York University and Ryerson in Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier and the University of Waterloo in Kitchener-Waterloo, the University of Guelph, and McMaster University in Hamilton. Additionally, the Town benefits from its proximity to a number of community colleges in and around the GTA offering a drivers range of programs.

Georgian College operates a regional campus in Orangeville, providing quality education and training opportunities, professional development, academic upgrading and employment assistance programs.

The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning has established a satellite campus in Orangeville. In addition to offering a number of full-time programs, programming continues to develop. In fact, Humber has committed to the development of a full-service regional campus in Orangeville to provide advanced education for close to 2000 students.

Largest Private Sector Employers – Orangeville

Company Name Sector # of Employees

Burnside & Associates Engineering and Science Based Solutions 100

Clorox Company of Canada Manufacturer of Glad Garbage Bags and Cling Wrap 140

Direct Plastics Group Manufacturer of Flexible Plastic Packaging 104

Home Depot Home Renovations Retailer 150

Johnson Controls Manufacturer of Automotive Seats and Headliners 300

Plastiflex Canada Inc.Manufacturer of Flexible Plastic Vacuum and Pool Hoses 119

Resolve Corporation Business Process outsourcing 180

Roechling Engineering Plastics Manufacturer of Plastics 108

Roto-Mill Heavy Civil Road Construction 120

Sanoh Canada Ltd. Manufacturing of Reconstruction Nylon and Steel Fluid
Handling Systems for Automotive Applications 100

Wal-Mart Retailer 275

(Source: 2008 Industrial Directory, Town of Orangeville)

Rising Incomes and Opportunities

The benefits afforded by the community’s location and the connection to a quality workforce means greater economic opportunities. The average household income in Orangeville in 2006 was $69,154, compared with a provincial average of $60,455.

Our success is reflected in an unemployment rate below the provincial average, further illustrating a healthy and growing local economy.