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Orangeville unveils Municipal Cultural Plan

The Town of Orangeville has unveiled the “Orangeville Cultural Advantage” – the Town’s first Municipal Cultural Plan and Cultural Map.  Initiated last year, Orangeville Council received the Municipal Cultural Plan this week, as completed by Culture Capital in partnership with Nordicity and GeoPraxis.

The project raises awareness of the importance of arts and culture locally. The Cultural Plan will be used as a guide to support the development of cultural policies, programs, partnerships, and initiatives that will ensure the Town reaches its greatest potential as a culturally vibrant and creative community.

Recommended by the Town’s Arts & Culture Committee, the plan was endorsed by Council and staff will begin to implement priority actions. Additional priority items recommended in the Cultural Plan will be included for consideration in the 2015 municipal budget.

“By strengthening the Town’s arts, culture and recreational assets, we improve the quality of our community overall,” says Councillor Mary Rose, Chair of the Arts & Culture Committee. “Our goal is to improve quality of life and quality of place while also attracting and retaining investment that will support economic diversification.”

The Municipal Cultural Plan focuses on supporting cultural development in the community and identifies strategies and actions to strengthen and enhance arts and culture resources and activities in Orangeville. The plan identifies resources required, outlines opportunities for community partnerships and makes recommendations on integrating culture into all municipal departments.  The cultural map is an inventory of all physical cultural resources and assets, cultural organizations, events, spaces and facilities, as well as occupations within the creative economy.

“The arts and culture sector is an important industry and contributor to life in our community,” says Mayor Rob Adams. “Arts and culture enriches our lives, enhances our community pride, creates jobs, and strengthens our economy. Arts and culture matters to us – in a big way.”

“Orangeville’s Cultural Advantage” outlines detailed priority actions for the implementation of the plan, assigns leadership roles and potential partners for each recommendation, suggests timeframes for implementation, and provides a financial consideration for each action. The recommendations revolve around four themes:

  • Leading and Connecting: Provide strong Town and community leadership, adopt a co-ordinated and inclusive approach, and connect with the community and other partners.
  • Capacity and Place: Provide accessible and affordable cultural spaces, expanded cultural opportunities, and maintain and enhance heritage assets.
  • Identity and Innovation: Build the Orangeville brand and identity on the foundation of its heritage and cultural strengths. Support the digital potential of Orangeville’s cultural assets and activities. Develop policies and supportive framework to attract the creative class.
  • Creative Growth and Investment: Strengthen Orangeville’s cultural potential through investment, support and increased cultural programs and opportunities.

The report makes several recommendations and concludes that investment, whether through new resources or refocusing of existing resources, will yield dividends to the Town’s social and economic value. The Cultural Plan and Cultural Mapping project was funded in part by the Government of Ontario through the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund.

View the full Municipal Cultural Plan with Appendices here.

View the Municipal Cultural Plan Summary here.

View the Arts, Culture and Heritage Map here.