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A plan of subdivision permits the division of a parcel of land into three or more lots/blocks in order for them to be sold individually. guidelines, procedures and application forms can be found here.

Subdivision Procedures Manual

The Town of Orangeville’s Subdivision Procedures Manual was developed to assist the public and the development industry in understanding how the Town processes subdivision applications.

Guide to Plan of Subdivision

This guide provides an outline of the subdivision approval process from pre-submission consultation through to registration of a plan in the Town of Orangeville.

Application form for plans of subdivision

Download an application form for a Plan of Subdivision here.

Guide to Consents

A Consent is the authorization to create new lots (severance), right-of-way and easements, an addition to existing lot or a change to lot boundaries. To learn more about whether a proposed development is suited to consent, please review  “Guide to Consents”.