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The Zoning By-law establishes detailed regulations and permissions associated with the development and use of lands within the Town.  It introduces a hierarchy of land use categories that control the development and disposition of lands.

The document can be downloaded and printed for use.  The posting of this document is meant for convenience purposes only.  All information should be verified as being the most current by contacting the Planning Department at 519-941-0440 Ext. 2246.

Zoning Amendments

As with Official Plan Amendments, if a proposed development does not conform to the Zoning By-law, a zoning by-law amendment (rezoning) may be required.  Land rezoning is a change in the zone category of a property or area or the specific regulations that apply. Refer to the attached brochure “Guide to Rezoning” for more information on the rezoning process.

Minor Variance

If a proposed development requires a slight modification to the provisions of the Zoning By-law, yet follows its general intent and the general intent of the Official Plan, and if the proposal is deemed to be appropriate, the Committee of Adjustment may permit a Minor Variance from the By-law’s provisions. The process utilized to obtain Minor Variance approval is outlined in the attached brochure, “Guide to Minor Variance”.

You can download the Minor Variance Information and Application and Zoning Amendments Application