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Building Permits and Development Fees and Permits

When changes are being considered for your property, there are a number of fees and/or permits that may be required depending on what is proposed and where the property/building is located.

Development Charges

The development of land within the Town of Orangeville may be subject to the payment of development charges.  To encourage industrial development in Orangeville, Council offers a 100 percent exemption of non-residential development charges for certain industrial uses. To learn more about non-residential development charges view the development charges brochure .

Other Development Fees may apply when changes are being considered for your property.  Possible required permits/fees include:

Building Permits

Building permits are required to construct, remove and/or alter existing or new buildings or structures. Download a building permit application or review the building permit bylaw for more information.

Credit Valley Conservation Approval(s)

Credit Valley Conservation Approval (CVC) may be required depending on the location of the property. Included are properties that are part of, or adjacent to, natural or regulated areas, and areas prone to flooding. CVC charges a fee for this service and may also require a permit for the proposed works. Contact the Planning Department at 519-941-0440 Ext. 2246 for more information.

Heritage Permits

A heritage permit and approval from Heritage Orangeville may be required for building alterations depending on the designation applied to the property. No fee is applicable, but the process may take 2-4 weeks. Download the Heritage District Permit application.

Sign Permits

The Building & By-law Enforcement Department is responsible for issuing sign permits, regulating permanent and portable signs and other advertising devices, and for the posting of notices on buildings or in vacant lots and awnings or marquees which project over a street.  All construction must comply with the Ontario Building Code. Review the Sign Bylaw or obtain an application for more information.

Parkland Dedication or Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland

 Proposals for new development or redevelopment, or those which create new property (ies), may be required to convey a parkland dedication to the Town or a cash-in-lieu of a parkland conveyance in accordance with the provisions of Sections 42(1) and 42 (6) of the Planning Act and By-law 47-2012. For more information please view the cash-in-lieu of parkland by-law.