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Orangeville Industrial Tax Rates

View the Tax Rate Schedule here.

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of a property by the applicable tax rate (Assessment Value x Applicable Tax Rate = Total Taxes).  For information on assessment values used to calculate property taxes, please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation at 1-866-296-6722 or visit

In December 2000, the Province of Ontario passed Bill 140, the Continued Protection for Property Taxpayers Act.  This legislation extends capping protection for reform related property tax increases to commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties for the year 2001 and beyond.  For further information about Bill 140 and how it may affect your property taxes, please contact the Town of Orangeville Treasury Department.  For general information about Bill 140, please call the Ministry of Finance at 1-800-263-7965.

To view related documents for tax rates and clawback/municipal levy factors click here.

Industrial Tax Rate Comparisons

Standard Industrial

Below is a comparative review of the 2016 per square foot standard industrial tax rates for Orangeville and other Ontario communities of similar size (populations of 15,000 – 29,000). In 2016, the average total taxes of the survey group was $1.68 per square foot. Comparatively, the total 2016 Standard Industrial tax rate in Orangeville was $1.72 per square foot.


Additional information on tax rates and fees.