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Economic Development Strategy Update approved by Council

On Monday, March 19, Town Council approved the Economic Development Strategy Update. The report provides an economic development vision and proposes goals, objectives and actions to:

  • create a positive framework for economic development;
  • attract, retain and expand businesses;
  • foster entrepreneurship;
  • stimulate tourism and cultural development;
  • further workforce development; and
  • market Orangeville.

The vision outlined in the report states that “Orangeville will sustain and enhance its strong economic, community, cultural, and environmental well-being by focusing on the key areas of importance.”  These key areas of importance include the enhancement of quality of life, protection of the Town’s heritage, cultural and natural environments, balancing growth while maintaining a small town appeal, supporting business expansion, retention and growth, and encouraging public input in service delivery.

The report also recommends that economic development efforts in Orangeville focus on specific sectors. The plan defines specific actions to help build these areas of focus:

  • Tourism – Encourage expanded and enhanced tourism offerings and capacity, and delivery of memorable experiences to increased numbers of visitors to Orangeville.
  • Creative Industries – Support growth, greater recognition, and external audience attraction for Orangeville’s arts and culture sector.
  • Manufacturing – Support business retention, growth and new investment attraction in Orangeville’s manufacturing sector.
  • Professional, Engineering, Information Technology, and Financial Services – Retain, grow and attract sector businesses to Orangeville.

The full report can be viewed here or downloaded as a PDF here.

By: bds

March 20th, 2018

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