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Discovery Channel’s ‘How’s It Made’ features TFI Aerospace

TFI Aerospace Corporation, a manufacturer of aerospace fasteners located in Orangeville, welcomed a film crew from the Discovery Channel television series ‘How’s It Made’ on Wednesday, March 1.   The series showcases the manufacturing process of various items and selected TFI Aerospace because of the company’s unique product.

Since 1991, TFI Aerospace has been a global producer of specialty fasteners used in mission-critical applications.  The company established its 20,000 square foot facility Orangeville in 2002.  With an impressive client list that includes Boeing, Bombardier and NASA, TFI Aerospace maintains its position as the only Canadian manufacturer of these specialized products.

The objective of ‘How’s It Made’ is to explain the process of manufacturing using featured products.  For many of TFI Aerospace’s 25 employees, being involved in the filming process was an exciting opportunity.  Bill Skilling, a life-long Orangeville resident who has worked at TFI Aerospace for five years, demonstrated the finishing process to the film crew while Quality Specialist Lindsay McBain, a loyal 13-year employee, explained the company’s extensive quality processes.

After a full day of filming, the feature will be edited down to approximately five minutes and will air on the Discovery Channel in six to nine months.

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TFI Aerospace with How's It Made film crew

By: katrina

March 3rd, 2017

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