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The Business Retention and Expansion Program Survey Results and Action Plan

The Business Retention and Expansion Program Survey Results and Action Plan has been endorsed by Orangeville Council. Town staff has been directed to move forward with the steps required to implement the goals and initiatives outlined in the plan, which targets the Town’s manufacturing sector. 

The completion of a business retention and expansion program with the manufacturing sector was a recommendation within the Town’s Economic Development Strategy in order to red flag issues of concern and to examine opportunities to help businesses with growth and expansion efforts, labour market requirements, export market development, and research and development undertakings.

The Orangeville BR+E Program was the first BR+E project undertaken by the Town of Orangeville and began with business visitations and the completion of comprehensive surveys to identify business needs, opportunities, and issues. The information collected was then used to address urgent problems, connect businesses with relevant support programs and services, and to identify gaps where business programs and resources could be improved or created to support economic development strategies within the community.

With a participation rate of 75 percent, Orangeville’s manufacturing business leaders were very engaged. Find out about the survey results, the local business climate, and programs and services that are being launched to support business development in Orangeville.

By: apostma

November 15th, 2016

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