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Municipal Programs and Incentives

Development Charges

To encourage industrial development and employment in Orangeville, Council has given a 100 percent exemption of non-residential development charges for certain industrial uses.

For more information please view the current Development Charges Brochure.

Parkland Dedication or Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland

Proposals for new development or redevelopment, or those which create new property (ies), may be required to convey a parkland dedication to the Town or a cash-in-lieu of a parkland conveyance in accordance with the provisions of Sections 42(1) and 42 (6) of the Planning Act and By-law 47-2012. For more information please view the cash-in-lieu of parkland by-law.

Downtown Heritage District Facade Assistance Program

The Downtown Heritage District Façade Assistance Program was created in 1998 as an incentive for building and business owners to preserve the architectural heritage in the Central Business District.

The quality of heritage buildings has always been part of a tradition of pride of doing business in Orangeville.

If the façades on Broadway are allowed to deteriorate, the economic and aesthetic benefits associated with attractive heritage buildings will be lost. Investing in façade improvements has been proven to have a positive economic benefit.  A revitalized commercial district creates optimism, community employment opportunities, stability, and a reliable tax base for the municipality.

For more information on this grant program, contact the Planning Department at 519-941-0440 Ext. 2249 or

Business Visitation Program

Our Business Visitation program exists to enable Town staff to learn more about your business operation and the issues you may be facing so that we can provide information, resources and support to help your business to remain and expand in Orangeville. Your success is important to us.

The goals of the Business Visitation Program are:

  • To demonstrate a pro-business attitude by developing a better understanding of our local businesses and providing an opportunity for improved communication and customer service to local businesses
  • To help existing businesses solve problems by identifying, and where possible, removing barriers and by responding to business issues and concerns
  • To provide businesses with information on the programs and services available to help them become more competitive

The process:

A comprehensive Business Survey will be sent to the business owner or senior manager of the company so that he/she can review and/or complete the sections that are most relevant to the venture. Alternatively, the form can be completed online and submitted to the office directly.  Access the fillable form.

Town staff will then set an appointment to meet with the business representative to conduct a  confidential interview in order to obtain comprehensive information on the issues and opportunities facing businesses in our community.

We’ll learn about your business, explore your issues and target areas where the Town may be able to help.

The program has been designed to answer many key questions and enable our interview with senior executives to:

  •  Gain insight into the dynamics of Orangeville’s economy
  •  Understand the positive and negative attributes of Orangeville as a place to do business
  •  Evaluate growth potential, risk of relocation or downsizing, level of satisfaction, and emerging trends
  •  Develop value added services for Orangeville companies
  •  Establish longer term economic and community development priorities that will support the Orangeville  business community

How can you participate?

If you would like to arrange to have a personal visit from Economic Development/SBEC staff please contact the department at 519-941-0440 Ext. 2291.

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